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Age: 32
Location: Kuopio

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Uploaded: 23.11.2008 20:42
Categories: Full case | Cooling | Other Computer Components

Yoshi - External e-Sata enclosure completedTurned  out really well in my opinion.Reading speed: average of 90mb/s

External e-Sata enclosure completed

Turned out really well in my opinion.

Reading speed: average of 90mb/s

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31.12.2008 16:12 Wiltsucase coming soon?
27.11.2008 21:43 YoshiWhite looks just fine :) Original paint is very high quality so it won't scratch etc :) Also maxed out temperatures at 31'c
24.11.2008 06:11 Voryonblack fit's with case? no?
23.11.2008 22:41 pertti85black is better than withe but maybe some other colour can be better than black.. silver??
23.11.2008 21:36 NiBaRippe: Why always black?
23.11.2008 21:09 rippelooks very nice, missing only the black paint ;)
23.11.2008 20:57 YoshiYup :)
23.11.2008 20:52 laurilrLol that looks pretty old :D. Offtopic but that blue power led is incredibly bright :|
23.11.2008 20:47 YoshiTemperatures are around 30'c so the cooling really matters :)