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Age: 32
Location: Kuopio

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Uploaded: 13.12.2008 18:58
Categories: Full case

Yoshi - It was tough, but still worth itBriefcase computer completed.Hardware:Intel E2140Asus P5GC-VM2gb DDR220gb HDD250W PSUCouple fans

It was tough, but still worth it

Briefcase computer completed.


Intel E2140
Asus P5GC-VM
2gb DDR2
20gb HDD
250W PSU
Couple fans and fan speed adjusters

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27.01.2009 08:43 metalfusionVery nice build quality :)
14.12.2008 11:38 kazooThe case itself reminds me of Xbox360 (green leds and that circle fangrill). Good job.
13.12.2008 19:43 Yoshi20gb is enough, but still old quantum fireball is too slow for my use so it is going to be replaced with bigger and faster one. This has proven to be excellent to feed DVD movies off USB stick to flat screen TV. With VGA i can use native resolution (1360x768) of TV which cannot be done with HDMI.
13.12.2008 19:24 YarikoLooks like one of those Mini-PCs :) Very nice case, good job!
13.12.2008 19:20 Voryondjanne 20gb is enough for the OS =)
13.12.2008 19:09 rippewow this is cool :)
13.12.2008 19:06 DJanneWhy only 20GB HDD?