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Age: 32
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Uploaded: 13.12.2008 19:56
Categories: Full case

Yoshi - It was tough, but still worth itBriefcase computer completed.Hardware:Intel E2140Asus P5GC-VM2gb DDR220gb HDD250W PSUCouple fans

It was tough, but still worth it

Briefcase computer completed.


Intel E2140
Asus P5GC-VM
2gb DDR2
20gb HDD
250W PSU
Couple fans and fan speed adjusters

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14.12.2008 20:53 YoshiI thought about buying some kind of mini psu for this. Then I saw this psu for 27e at multitronic and ordered it right away.
14.12.2008 20:42 YoshiI really tried to open the ATX connectors, but got nowhere without special tools :(
14.12.2008 19:41 DJanneMod that power cabel :D
14.12.2008 19:07 willekYou could use a 120W PicoPsu, it would be easily enough for those components, and doesn't produce much heat.
14.12.2008 18:44 YoshiJust barely. In total there are four fans in there: front, power supply, cpu and rear. It gets pretty hot but not too hot :)
14.12.2008 01:06 nanoare those 2 fans enough to cool the whole system?
13.12.2008 20:25 CaineWow, thats just....awesome!