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Age: 32
Location: Kuopio

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Uploaded: 06.01.2009 01:46
Categories: Mopeds, motorcycles and ATVs

Yoshi - Almost completeJust horn, right lightbulb and lightbulbsocket missing.Story: I have rode about 10 000km with this fellow and i t

Almost complete

Just horn, right lightbulb and lightbulbsocket missing.

Story: I have rode about 10 000km with this fellow and i thought to make it look good after all those kilometres.

Almost every part is repainted:

Black engine covers and all silver-gray surfaces are powdercoated

Fuel tank and side cover are sprayed with carpaint

Cylinder head and exhaust with high temperature coping spray paint

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17.05.2009 13:51 HaoKiHeh... And your car is probably legal ;)
17.05.2009 13:02 YarikoMy car cost less than your mopeds and I still can go faster :) What a crazy machine I have :)
17.05.2009 01:43 SukuMy friend has 80cc Malossi & 18mm Dellorto and Gianelli Exhaust, top speed about 110km/h, crazy machines : )
12.05.2009 21:06 YoshiIt's an Arrow exhaust
12.05.2009 17:02 Tuukkawhat exhaust BTW?
10.05.2009 22:46 YoshiI have 80cc Malossi in my drawer and i just might change it for summer with Dellorto 19mm carburetor.
10.05.2009 16:51 DJanneSuku, it's not your problem :)
10.05.2009 13:46 CaineLets keep it english here. :)
10.05.2009 13:03 SukuLaiton vehje :). Ootko isompaa pyttyä pistäny?
07.01.2009 19:51 nixarilooks nice but maybe it would be cool with some original stickers on the fuel tank?
07.01.2009 17:36 vikiAwesome!
06.01.2009 17:05 YoshiMudguards are bit rusted because they have been welded in the past (most likely due unsuccesful wheelie) and thus have rusted in welding spots. They are next in my purchase list after bulbsocket.
06.01.2009 12:59 JipaRusted? are you talking about the reflections or is there something I don't see?
06.01.2009 12:29 worderrori cant say that , those rusted mudguards looks ugly. but if u ignore that it looks pretty nice.
06.01.2009 10:13 YarikoVery nice :) Looks better than new one
06.01.2009 09:10 Sevvelooks really nice.:)
06.01.2009 02:57 Penttipatenttinice i got same exhaust