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Uploaded: 30.04.2009 14:51
Categories: Full case | Cooling

Yoshi - Project startedUPS caseSwiftech MCR220-QP ResD-Tek Fuzion V2Eheim 104812/15.5mm tubing12V/230V relay for pump

Project started

UPS case
Swiftech MCR220-QP Res
D-Tek Fuzion V2
Eheim 1048
12/15.5mm tubing
12V/230V relay for pump

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03.05.2009 16:58 hjalmarit's an older moddel off black ice extreme ithink it has 1/4" but not certain :S ( havent used it in 2 years..)
03.05.2009 10:18 YoshiWhat size hose inlets it has ? Contact me at messenger in address ottosuh@hotmail.com and we'll see if we can work something out.
02.05.2009 01:49 hjalmari got 1 if you are intrested... 120mm radiator... i mean
01.05.2009 21:00 Akamehehe, we have that same ups @ work :-)
30.04.2009 17:44 YoshiMaybe 120mm rad could fit in the front... It could be a real possibility if i find one for decent price.
30.04.2009 15:50 YarikoNot even a one little 120x120mm radiator without fan? :)
30.04.2009 15:48 YoshiUnfortunately there is just not enought room insinde. Radiator will be fitted to the top, pump to bottom and maybe a small water reservoir with fill cap to keep air out of the system.
30.04.2009 15:44 YarikoYou could try to fit more radiators inside that beauty? :) On the right side when watching from front? Moar cooling powwah 8D
30.04.2009 15:42 YoshiThat pump and radiator are going to be fitted inside that UPS case and hose outlets are coming to back of the case.
30.04.2009 15:32 BenaHWhat the ****? :D That look like you have just stolen a white computer from the 80's and smacked a radiator on top of it. :D
30.04.2009 15:28 pAbnInteresting :P
30.04.2009 15:02 rippe'thumbs up' ;)