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Age: 32
Location: Kuopio

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Uploaded: 06.05.2009 15:44
Categories: Full case | Cooling

Yoshi - Aluminum profile addedFans and radiator mounted.Scetch and some planning with paint:http://www.aijaa.com/img/b/00678/4140468.jpg

Aluminum profile added

Fans and radiator mounted.

Scetch and some planning with paint:

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14.05.2009 21:50 laurilrAntec Tricool :'|
06.05.2009 22:28 YoshiYes, it is small and the components I'm going to stuff inside that thing are barely fitting in. I think this will be an interesting project :)
06.05.2009 17:12 BenaHSo this is going to be a watercooler dock for your computer? I just thought that it is so small, that you cannot mount an entire computer inside it..
06.05.2009 17:00 CaineITS SO SMALL! :D
06.05.2009 16:41 YoshiI'm not sure about it yet, but quite likely this whole thing will be painted after the inside work is finished.
06.05.2009 16:18 YarikoStarting to look nice, are you going to do something for the frontpanel or will you keep the UPS look on it?
06.05.2009 16:09 rippeCool, some progress :)