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Age: 28



Title: 3D Mark
Created: 17.05.2008 09:52

My cpu and gpu clock :D

Idle: 45-50c
load: 74c

idle: abaut 30-40c
load: 50-60c
My cpu and gpu clock...
Intel E2160 @ 3,2Ghz
EVGA Geforce 8800 GTS
ACE 460w power
Samsung 160 GB HDD
Asus P5K mobo (I made vDroop mod)
2 GB 667mhz mem
Aerocool Dominator

Default setting and 12 289p
Intel E2160 @ 3,2Ghz...
No bad :D
No bad :D
06 Mark 11018. Default setting!
06 Mark 11018. Defau...
Hehe 3Dmark03
Hehe 3Dmark03...

Title: My game computer
Created: 19.04.2008 21:42

Tein ikkunan huvikseen.

I made window.
Tein ikkunan huvikse...
Hioin prossun.
I lapped my hs.

E2140 @ 3Ghz

Idle: 55C
Load: 80C

Idle. 45C
Load: 72C
Hioin prossun....
Poistin johto helvetin. Kommenttia tulemaan!

I removed wire hell. Comment Please!
Poistin johto helvet...
Näyttis kiinni
Näyttis kiinni...
New hardware!

Intel E2140
Asus P5K
G.Skill 2g
ACE 460w power
mode com case
New hardware!...
New toys!

Intel E2140
Asus P5K
G.Skill 2g
ACE 460w power
mode com case
New toys!

Title: Projekt hard driver
Created: 19.04.2008 21:42

I make / made external hard drive.
I make / made extern...

Title: News project
Created: 12.12.2007 23:38
Taas uus

Title: Lasin alunen
Created: 24.08.2007 15:55
Tuulettimen sormisuojista lasin alusia.
Big Tower
Big Tower
Nice? five fangril.
Nice? five fangril....

Title: Projekti Black-Silve
Created: 24.08.2007 15:54
Suunnitelmat ja toteutus.
Assembly photo. My place.
Assembly photo. My p...
Lcd panel is great.
Lcd panel is great....
Looks good =P
Looks good =P...
4*20 lcd panel test.
4*20 lcd panel test....
Lcd and power panel.
Lcd and power panel....
Frond panel.
Frond panel....
My new computer.
My new computer....

Default album
This is my keeway project. Keeway goes racing look. 

Malossi 70cc sport
Malossi 50% vp
Malossi T.C.unit cdi
Tecnigas next-r :(
Dellorto 17,5mm PHVA
TNT variator (the better than default)

Topspeed is 66kmh, but when i give the better exhaust (pakoputki) this go 85kmh...
This is my keeway pr...
My own scooter project
My own scooter proje...
night photo.
night photo....
the first laptop where is window in allthemods?
the first laptop whe...
New server. Hp e-pc from yoshistore.

More information from http://scaleo.dy.fi/index.php?page=palvelin
New server. Hp e-pc ...
My lapton Dell Latitude C600
My lapton Dell Latit...
Hello. This is my new linux server. 

1 Ghz cpu (intel)
random gpu
random psu
512 MB memory

I use it:
FTP file server
http server
isc shell
vnc remote desktop

Ps, kertokaa mahdolliset virheet, niin korjaan...
Hello. This is my ne...
My lapped E2160.
My lapped E2160....
My lapped dominator.
My lapped dominator....
Amd outside
Amd outside...