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Age: 44
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Full name: SEPE
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Age: 44
Location: Finland, Espoo

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In the beginning...
In the beginning......
HDD cooling under construction...
HDD cooling under co...
A blueprint to explain the basic function.
A blueprint to expla...
This is a heavy, extremely silent, aircooled case, for f.ex. recording studio purpose.
You can absolutely not hear if its on or off :)
The idea was to place the 4 X 120mm fans deep inside a well damped place, with further damped tunnels leading the air in and out.
I was kind of concerned about measuring the airflow right for the "tunnels", but it turned out very OK.
Every component inside, is nowadays cooled "passively" by the airflow produced by these 4 x 120mm silent fans.
My new X1950pro needed a private 80mm fan though, when playing "sinkohippa".
Todays Specs:
-Intel C2D e6400
-Corsair 2X 1024 TWIN2X 6400C4
-Radeon X1950pro
-Bunch of drives and stuff
This is a heavy, ext...