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Age: 47
Location: California



Title: Computer Mods
Created: 28.12.2006 07:32

Custom wired.
Custom wired....
All wires and connectors custom length.

System specs:
*AMD XP 3200+ 400MHz Barton
*Thermalright SP-97 Heatsink with Thermaltake 90mm adjustable high speed Blue LED fan.
*Asus A7N8x Deluxe 2.0
*1 GB Kingston Hyper-X 400MHz PC3200
*BFG GeForce 6800 GT OC 256 MB GDDR3 8X AGP (404 MHz Core & 1.06 GHz Memory)
*2 SEAGATE SATA 150 / 7200 RPM HDDs (RAID 0)
*2 ATA 100 IDE 7200 RPM HDDs
*PCI SCSI controller
*Sony 52x32x52 CD-RW 16x DVD ROM combo drive
*420W dual fan P/S (Custom Wired)
*Vantec Card Fan (for video card)
*2 80mm exhaust fans
*3 80mm intake fans
*PWM Fan/Light Controller
*Raidmax Scorpio 668 Aluminum Case
*Cambridge Soundworks FPS 1800 speakers
*Sunbeam Pro Illuminated Keyboard
*MicroSoft Intellipoint Optical Trackbal
*Dual 20" Dell E207WFP Widescreen monitors***
All wires and connec...