Nick: climber07  Info
Age: 47
Location: California



Uploaded: 27.12.2006 06:56
Categories: Home entertainment

climber07 - *Sony KDFE50A 50" LCD Rear Projection*Bose Lifestyle 28 5.1 home theater system*JBL 250W 12" Subwoofer*Sony 3-way book

*Sony KDFE50A 50" LCD Rear Projection
*Bose Lifestyle 28 5.1 home theater system
*JBL 250W 12" Subwoofer
*Sony 3-way bookshelf speakers
*Sony 5 CD changer
*Kenwood 200W audio receiver (for sub and 3 way speakers)
*Interconnected to computer.

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17.07.2007 01:22 climber07I use the Bose and the Sony speakers along with the JBL for some movies and music. I have two zones that play simultaneously so the highs and lows are awesome. The JBL shakes the house and the Bose has perfectly clear highs.
07.07.2007 21:44 drakminRear projection, not lcd. But it's cool anyway :D I hope you are not using Bose and Jbl subwoofers simultaneously.
26.03.2007 01:00 M0nacocool looking lcd :D
28.12.2006 09:45 Simppanice tv :P
28.12.2006 01:25 climber07It's a small living room. When I move I can put them on the outsides of the room at ear level to make a sweet spot.
27.12.2006 18:50 JipaNot too optimal place for the speakers, but the TV sure is hot :o