Nick: climber07  Info
Age: 47
Location: California



Uploaded: 27.12.2006 07:00
Categories: Room and Desk Shots

climber07 - A night shot with lights.

A night shot with lights.

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16.02.2008 21:04 Teppisa bit too much lights
16.02.2008 18:52 BroidiXwoow, nice dude :O
16.02.2008 18:29 willekah, Dell and trackball.. you are on the right track :)
16.02.2008 18:11 laurilrIt kinda looks like the case continues that Earth-theme from displays ^^D
16.02.2008 17:54 Akkuevery cool! nice work!
24.11.2007 13:44 climber07Nope. They're 20".
24.10.2007 17:36 WiltsuNice dude :D Are those 22" wide screen displays?
24.10.2007 17:29 williEnicee ;D
18.08.2007 23:04 aaaatuthose neons are too bright and too visible. :( dont like. dual screens rock. hav u heard 'bout software named ultramon? If not, I recommend to try. http://www.realtimesoft.com/ultramon/ It adds taskbar to secondary monitor, keeps sec. screens softwares on it etc.etc.
18.08.2007 19:58 pertti85looks so cool..:D but I dont like your mouse. beatiful neons and nice screens..:D i wont your wallpaller..:D
24.07.2007 09:13 AletziLooks cool!!!
13.03.2007 23:57 Looks so good that I would like have that setup also.. (displays) ;P
28.01.2007 14:07 drakminLooks good :) But I dont like those neons :D Still the colour is good (not blue)
29.12.2006 00:46 YoshiLooks good :) i like those neons :)
27.12.2006 17:02 viki:P